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Topspek's high quality software will increase your profits by saving you time and money

Business efficiency means lower running costs

A major factor of an organisation's efficiency is the degree to which it utilises the power of its computer systems. The question for your company is not whether you can afford to do this, but whether you can afford not to.

Of course there are many reasons why you should consider custom software - for example, automating your business processes can dramatically reduce your running costs.

Whatever your reasons, there's one thing for sure - you need to make sure that your requirements are implemented by fully qualified and experienced software developers, and you need to get this right the first time.

Topspek developers have the education and the experience to deliver trouble-free software - guaranteed!

Creating and developing good software is a highly skilled profession which should not be entrusted to amateurs. Our chief software engineer here at Topspek has a first class science degree consisting of computer science and mathematics modules, along with 20 years of work experience in the software development industry.

The way in which software applications are engineered and built is very similar to the way in which buildings are engineered and built. A software engineer corresponds to a construction engineer in the building industry, and just as bricklayers, joiners, etc. implement the plans and specifications of construction engineers, programmers and coders implement the engineering specifications of software engineers. In both cases, precise engineering specifications are absolutely crucial so that the finished product doesn't fall apart.

Topspek's propietary MVC framework will ensure that your software is fast, extensible and secure - guaranteed!

Whereas many other software developers use slow, bloated third-party libraries for software development, we use a more natural development framework underpinned by sound computer science principles.

There are several advantages to this approach, including the fact that when you need to further develop your application, you will not need to search around for developers who specialise in a particular library. It also means that our software runs much faster, which means that your web pages load quickly.

Our applications are extensible - i.e. it is easy to extend the functionality of our applications because they are 'modular' - assembled with components which can be created and added quickly at any time. We create our modules using common design patterns including object-oriented design (OOD) and object-oriented programming (OOP).

Our databases support both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP). That is, as well as providing the information you need for your everyday business needs, our relational databases organise your data in a way which enables you to perform complex business analyses thus enabling you to make the right business decisions.

We also have all the necessary security measures covered so that your systems remain perfectly safe.

Topspek's impeccable customer service will make your software projects easy to manage

From the moment you first contact us until completion of the final task on your project, you'll find our customer service helpful, genuine and friendly.

One of our first objectives when we commence a project is to discuss your requirements with you so that we can make everything crystal clear. This is necessary in order to avoid any costly misunderstandings further down the line.

Another essential part of our development strategy is to provide regular reports on the progress of your project, and of course, we strongly encourage you to contact us at any time to discuss anything at all about your project.

As we deliver each component of your application, we invite you to engage with us in 'user acceptance testing' to make absolutely certain that you are fully satisfied with our work.

After completion of your project, we will continue to support you until you are comfortable with your new software.

Topspek's flexible and agile approach to software development will ensure that you get exactly what you want

A complex project is usually divided into sub-projects, which are divided into sub-sub-projects, and so on until we end up with sets of related tasks which result in 'deliverables' - distinct software artefacts which can be tested and then delivered to the client.

Each project within the overall project has three aspects: scope, time and cost.

The scope of a project specifies exactly what you receive on delivery. We discuss your initial statement of requirements with you in order to eliminate all ambiguities and to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

The time that a project takes is determined by its scope (its set of requirements).

The cost of a project is determined by the time it will take to complete the requirements.

Although this may sound rather rigid, we can flex these three aspects in order to accommodate new requirements, or new deadlines or new costs, or any combination of these things. For example, we understand that your requirements may change as your project progresses, and so you are always free to add new requirements, or update or discard any of your initial requirements at any time during the project.